beautifully handcrafted jewelry

True North Collection - NYFW '21

Turn your attention to the night sky and seek out the beautiful constellation of Pleiades, or Matariki in Aotearoa, New Zealand, a star system that has had power and meaning for indigenous cultures across the world for centuries. For New Zealand Maori, the rising of these stars in the northern mid-winter sky signifies the beginning of a New Year, and hope for the future. As you gaze upon these stars, remember that inside of you is a deep passion, a purpose and a pathway! The True North Collection serves to keep us on track to realising this passion and purpose.

Like a compass direction, it is a guiding light that illuminates our pathway ahead. The pieces in this collection are handmade from sustainable plant-based bioresin and wood, coloured with eco-ink. Colour in this collection echo the hues that graced the stage during the 2021 USA presidential inauguration. The women present, from both sides of the fence, presented powerful jewel-like colours that spoke of unity, peace, hope and a clear reference to the Suffragette movement.