Silver, Mixed Metals.


  • Total length: 80cm (Long) and 55cm (short)
  • Weight: 30g

Words from the craftswoman

Find the power of a personal quest for individuality together with the strength of community with this gorgeous handmade chain necklace. This chain of linked pebbles represent the unique beauty of each and every one of us. Made separately, without a template or casting, each one is completely unique and intended to highlight the individuality of each and every one of us. But when they come together they also represent the strength and power of humanity as a collective. This chain of pebbles, together symbolise the unbreakable link that we feel with some people in our lives. This necklace is made from your choice of recycled silver, or a mixed metals (copper, brass, silver). It feature 5 different sized pebbles in an unbroken chain and comes in two different lengths and is finished with a hand-crafted s-shaped clasp. About this collection: The Connecter At my very core I know we are connected. Our souls, our spirits, our very essence. This link between us stretches for generations, eons in-fact. To be true, we have never NOT been connected. Not only are we connected to one another, we are connected to the very earth we walk upon, the sky we look up to and the stars that we view with awe and wonder. We are connected to all those who came before us, their courage, their trials and tribulations as well as their joys and their wisdom. I know with all my being that what I do to you, I do to myself and that together we are many times more brave and strong and compassionate than we can ever be alone. We are connected. I am The Connector