Brass, Silver.


  • Each hammered feature measures approximately 2.5mm wide and falls 50mm (5cm) from the chain long.
  • There are 12 "golden" brass feathers on this necklace in a "sky" of silver feathers strung individually on a 45cm sterling silver chain.

Words from the craftswoman

In Maori cosmology there exist 12 heavens, stretching from the great sky father, Ranganui, to the uppermost heaven Te Toi-o-nga-rangi. Beyond the 12th heaven exists the great and endless supreme being Io. Legend tells of an invitation sent to earth by the God Rehua in the form of a simple pure white bird named Manutea. Manutea sought out the God Tane, originator of mankind, to summon him to climb the 12 heavens and retrieve the sacred baskets of knowledge. Upon Tane accepting this invitation, Manutea returned to Rehua who rewarded him for his bravery in navigating the 12 heavens by colouring him black to represent the great void. He also added white tipped feathers to his tail, to a total of 12 to represent the heavens he had bravely journeyed through to reach Tane. Upon Manutea's return to the earth he was renamed Manu Huia and became the most sacred of all birds to Maori. This piece features 12 "golden" feathers to symbolise not only the 12 heavens of the cosmos, but also the 12 tail feathers of the sacred Huia and represent the journey we all take through life. Your necklace features 12 "golden" feathers in 100% recycled hammered brass. All silver feathers are made from 100% recycled fine (pure) silver. About this Collection: The Sage I am the seeker of wisdom and truth, from the universal spirits, angels and ancestors. My understanding the world and my place in it is a reflection of the knowledge that I learn from experience. I understand that much of this knowledge originates from within my spirit. I am the eternal student, eager and willing to be forever open to all that brings growth and expansion. And in that growth I share the wisdom I discover on the way with others. I often find myself in my head, caught up in my thinking mind - and I use the beauty and wonder of the world around me to reconnect with my truth. I am the sage