Bio Resin, Recycled Wood.


  • Pendant size: 3cm diameter

Words from the craftswoman

This gorgeous vibrant necklace is made from sustainable and eco-friendly bio-resin; an epoxy plastic that uses recycled waste plant material as it base. Embedded into the resin are slivers of recycled wood, all recovered from homes destroyed following the 2010-11 Christchurch Earthquakes in New Zealand. Each piece is hand-cut, shaped and formed individually. No two pieces can ever be the same! Coloured using eco-sensitive bio-inks, choose the colour that makes your heart sing! Please add a note to your order at checkout indicating your colour preference for the resin. Resin Colours are: Pink; Red; Yellow; Green; Aqua; Blue; Purple; Black; White Each necklace is finished with your choice of a 45cm sterling silver chain, or adjustable black waxed cord. About this collection: The Alchemist “Believe in impossible dreams” I am the alchemist, the magician, the soul who exists outside of the square! I bring you a joy that comes from knowing that the world is a beautiful, magical place, full of opportunity and hope and colour. This world is your and mine the moment we truly, wholly, gratefully believe in it and place our attention towards it. Anything is possible! Like any great magic, there is drama here also. I see that the hope springs from the hopeless, that abundance grows from lack, and that everything we desire is on the other side of all that is lost. Balance and acceptance is where the power lies, the light and the dark are but two sides of the same coin. So let in the light to the darkest corners. Show me the colour in the grey. Bring about the love and let it flow into all corners of your heart, spilling over with unabandoned joy. Show me the hues that make your soul sing and I will show you the magic of the universe. I am the ALCHEMIST

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