Bio Resin, Recycled Rimu Wood.


  • Pendant size: 6.5cm across x 3.5cm long
  • Necklace Length: 50cm
  • Weight: 7g

Words from the craftswoman

Celebrate tenacity and resilience in a truly beautiful manner, while honoring the sacrifices made to bring you to this place, today, with this one-of-a-kind semi-circular statement necklace. Each necklace is individually cut from a block of colored, plant-based bio-resin with scraps of recycled rimu wood embedded inside. All of the wood is sourced from homes demolished following the devastating earthquakes in New Zealand in 2010-11. Earth Mother Bio-Resin Pendant - Papatuanuku The legend says that Rangi (Sky Father) and Papa (Earth Mother) were inseparable, but were eventually forced apart by their son, the God Tane. So pained were they at their separation that rain became the tears of Rangi while mists rising from the earth were the tears of Papa - a grief to last for eternity. This pendant, in the downward half circle, represents Papa, the Earth Mother and the wood is the creation of her son Tane, God of the Forest. Select your pendant color and pair it with a complimentary or contrasting cord of your choice. Please leave me a note with your colour combination request when you place your order! About this Collection: The Phoenix The phoenix rises from the ashes of it’s destruction and brings forth great wisdom, resilience and powers unseen before. I am forever changed by the trials that I experience and these offer me a beautiful balance between creation and destruction, life and death, growth and stability. I understand that when I am cast into the fires of my life, a little piece of me dies. I am forever transformed and I am offered a choice. I choose to rise up from the ashes of my destruction and bring the wisdom I have with me for the benefit of others. I embrace the challenges that I face. I choose to let go of what I was to fully envelop and accept who I am becoming. I am the phoenix (This collection embraces the power of the phoenix with pieces that are made from the destruction of the 2011 Christchurch Earthquakes, an event that changed me forever and cast me upon the pathway that would eventually bring me before you as a jewelry designer today)

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