Mixed metals, Silver.


  • Feather Size: 2mm wide x 4cm long
  • Earring Drop: 6.5cm approx
  • Weight: 7.5g(Mixed), 6.5g(Silver)

Words from the craftswoman

Celebrate the centre of all beauty and creativity, the seat of the soul; celebrate love itself with these stunning hand-crafted feather earrings, three feathers per earring. The simple, stylized feathers are individually hand stamped with meaningful words (you can select your own wording if you wish). In New Zealand Maori mythology birds are very special and are the messengers of the Gods. Eagles, Harriers and native owls pass between the worlds of man and the Gods along spiritual paths. As a result, Maori consider birds sacred. For you, this feather necklace is a reminder that you can access the sacred and the spiritual, and you can also tap into the wisdom of your ancestors. About this collection: The Lover Inside the heart of every soul lies a tender unopened flower. This flower is the source of all creativity, all divinity and all love. It will bloom when it is treated with kindness, respect and when it is listened to openly and with trust. I believe in the beauty of all these flowers and I commit to helping them to grow and bloom every single day, beginning with the flower that sits within my own heart. I believe in the connection of destined souls. I understand that we are all connected and that the essence of this connection is in love - that love is the most important foundation upon which all relationships are built. Love itself can come in many forms, both constructive and destructive, and I seek to follow a pathway of love that encourages growth, expansion and honors the passion within each of us.