Silver, Copper.


  • Bird size: 2cm x 2cm

Words from the craftswoman

Freedom is a choice and these birds represent and remind us that we are the masters of our own destiny, ultimately guided on our pathway to a future that we create. The Red Thread is an ancient Asian legend that tells of two people, destined to be together forever, who are linked by a fine unbreakable red thread. This thread ties them together through time and space, and although it may be twisted, knotted and stretched, it can never be severed. This little bird is wrapped in a single red thread. It offers us a choice to perceive that thread as something holding us captive, or perhaps it is wrapping us in our destiny - inviting us to surrender and be free as a result. The only thing we have to do is choose! These beautiful earrings were conceived and designed while navigating the realities of being confined in a managed isolation facility in New Zealand, part of the response to the global Covid-19 pandemic. It is also a reminder that although we are separated from those we love physically at this crazy time, we are never really apart - we are all linked by the Red Thread. Building on the belief that even if you feel like you are forever separated from the ones you love, as if a caged bird, you are still linked into eternity by the Red Thread. It is your prison or you pathway home - the choice is yours About this collection: The Seeker I seek adventure and new horizons and I venture forth with courage and a pervading sense of awe and wonderment. I am unafraid of being afraid and I always look for new ways to express my passion, my purpose and follow my unique pathway. I honor the bravery, wisdom and intrepid spirit of my ancestors as they ventured far from home shores to expand their world. I trust in the presence of a universal wisdom to set me free and help me find my own perfect pathway. I follow the stars, the sun and the moon who guide me on my pathway. I navigate the ocean waves, winds and currents just as my ancestors did, drawing a map that others may follow to explore the world and their own unique place within it. I explore a world where every destination is my home and every turn adds to my story. I am the seeker.

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